High quality coaching and maximum learning

Experience the unique difference of riding with Horseman’s Pony Club, Perth


As well as being skilled and knowledgeable, your coaching team at Horsemen’s Pony Club Perth, are ALL experienced riders themselves, they know the fears, hopes and challenges that you will face as you learn. This means that you receive excellence in coaching but you have someone with you, every step of the way, as part of your riding learning journey.

The combination of your needs and our experience ensure you get what you need including:

  • An initial assessment
  • Appropriate learning level for your riding level
  • An allocated coach for each meeting
  • Rewarded for your commitment to learning and your development

Horsemen’s Pony Club, Perth has the ability to make sure that you get excellence in coaching

Specialist Guest Coaches

Special sessions from national and international experts

Jon Pitts

We scour the country for experts in all aspects of riding to add to your learning and offer unique insights you can not easily get anywhere else.

From excellence in riding technique, your relationship with your horse, to managing the emotional aspects of become the rider you can be, these special session are truly UNMISSABLE.

Horsemen’s Pony Club, Perth has the access to expertise to serve you for a lifetime of riding.

You will be assessed at the start of the season (or when you join us) to make sure you join the right classes for you level of current experience and make sure you get the most from your time with us. This assessment is held after enrollment and your group of riders who are at your level you will be working alongside for the season.

As well as the practical “on-horse” encouragement, supervision, guidance and support, your “classroom” session make sure you have the appropriate knowledge to develop confidence in what you are doing when riding. We make sure you have the learning to make sure all aspects of your riding are covered including the care of your horse, for maximum performance of you both.

You will be allocated a coach from our team at each meeting throughout the season, and you can feel comfortable discussing what has been covered both in your classroom and practical riding sessions.

Your coaching team are “on your side” and you can go to them with individual concerns, anxieties and of course any goals that you are setting for yourself to take you to the next level.

Of course, being able to ride is reward in itself but your coaching team believes that all members who display not only good riding but also as importantly commitment to learn, attendance, and how far you have come are all worth celebrating at the end of the season.

Our awards and end of season “fun-day” is one where we celebrate you all, the year that we have spent together and the awesome club that we are all part of.

What this means to you…


And one more thing…


Real learning power

Your growth and development as a rider is beyond just what happens at Pony Club. For those of you who want to accelerate their learning, skills and confidence there is a wealth of material and resources we can help you with.

As well as asking your coach for advice we will point you in the direction of great learning resources here, in our blog and on Social media.


Remember continued learning equals continued improvement!!




Find out how our coaching can take your riding to the next level